If you have decided to withdraw, not to re-enroll, or to transfer to The King's Academy day school please email the Homeschool Coordinator with your intentions at ethornton@thekingsacademy.netThe school or umbrella that you will be registering with will need to send a request for records to the Homeschool Coordinator.

Any paperwork that is due must be turned in before your student's records can be sent to another school or umbrella. If you are withdrawing during the school year you will need to turn in your attendance and grades up to the date of withdrawal. 

If you are withdrawing during the school year, please remember a homeschool student must register in the State of Tennessee. Your child must be registered either with the Public school in your district or with an Umbrella. Failure to do so will result in your child being truant in the eyes of the State and could result in legal ramifications.

If you are choosing to NOT re-enroll in the TKA Homeschool Umbrella please be advised that as of August 1st your student(s) is no longer the responsibility of the TKA Homeschool Umbrella. If you have not turned in the enrollment paperwork or fees for the current school year, your student is no longer a registered in our Umbrella and The King’s Academy is no longer responsible for your student's record keeping or legal educational status. The responsibility to register your student within the date parameters set by the State now rests solely on you as the Homeschool Parent.

If this deadline has passed and you have changed your mind, it may be possible to re-enroll in the TKA Homeschool Umbrella as a transfer student after September 1st. However, the student must have already been registered in a qualified program before you will able to apply to transfer.

Thank you for being part of The King's Academy Homeschool Umbrella and allowing us to serve your family as you educate your children. 

May the Lord bless you in your Homeschool journey!

The Withdraw form can be downloaded on the DOCUMENTS page of this website.  You will need to complete and turn it in to the Homeschool Coordinator, at which time your student will be officially withdrawn ​from The King's Academy Homeschool Umbrella.