Steps To Apply

 If you are considering Homeschooling please be advised of the following:

Homeschool law TCA 49-6-3050 states, "A "home school" is a school conducted or directed by a parent or parents or a legal guardian or guardians for their own children". Therefore, a parent or guardian not only must be PRESENT during Homeschooling hours, but also be conducting or directing the education of their child. 

 Please note, new students beyond the 10th grade are only accepted if ​transferring from 

TKA Day Program or on a case-by-case basis.

Step 1: Overview

The Overview will familiarize you with the benefits and expectations our program.  As the teaching parent, it is your responsibility to take the lead in the education of your student(s), and our Homeschool Umbrella is available to support your endeavor. The TKA Homeschool Coordinator will always be available to help you successfully meet the requirements of the State of Tennessee and of our Umbrella Program.


STep 2: Fees, Requirements, Services, and FAQs

STep 3: Contact Coordinator

Please contact the Homeschool Coordinator of your intention to apply. As part of this initial contact please include:

     1) What is your personal experience with homeschooling?

     2) Why would you like to homeschool your child?

     3) Have you read and understood the Tennessee laws regarding homeschooling?



     4) Who will be teaching your homeschooling student?

     5) Does your child have any learning disabilities or or other diagnosed challenges to   learning?   

     6) How will you provide social interaction for your child (Co-op, Sports, Church, etc.)?

STep 4: Print Forms

STep 5: Contact current school

STep 6: Review of Released Records 

Please allow us a week for the processing of your child's records.

You will be sent an email of acceptance or denial into the Homeschool Umbrella once the records have been received and reviewed by the Homeschool Coordinator. 

STep 7: Officially withdraw

STep 8: register

CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a TKA Lion!

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