K-8th Grade Homeschool fees

Registration Fee: $75 per child (Non-Refundable /Maximum $200 per family if 3+ students are in K-8th)

Testing Fee 1st-8th: $75 per child (Non-Refundable, Kindergarten does not test) This covers the annual standardized test taken in the spring.

Fine Arts Fee (optional, participation-based): $250 (per year, per program) Allows participation in after school programs such as drama, debate or select musical groups as available. 

Athletic Fee (optional, participation-based):  $300 (per year, non-refundable after first week of practice)  Allows participation on TKA elementary or middle school teams as available.

9th-12th Grade Homeschool fees

Registration Fee: $250 per student (Non-Refundable) 

Testing Fee 9th-10th: $50 (Non-Refundable)   This covers the pre-ACT test. No testing fee for 11th or 12th, as payment will be made directly to ACT or SAT

12th Grade Graduation (optional): $250 (Includes cap, gown and tassel,  participation in Commencement Ceremony and Diploma)  Grade 12 only, fee must be paid at time of registration.

Fine Arts Fee (optional): $250 (per year, per program, Non-Refundable) Allows participation in after school programs such as drama, speech, debate, visual arts or select musical groups outside the regular class day as available.

transfer student fees

​A $20 charge will be added to the Registration Fee for transferring into the Umbrella after September 1st.

late fees

A $20 late fee will be charged for each week that paperwork is late past the stated deadline. 

This applies to Quarterly Attendance Reports (High School), Semester Curriculum Worksheet/Grade Report (High School), and all year-end reports (Elementary, Middle and High School).

If a High School Curriculum Worksheet/Grade Report, due at the end of each semester, is more than 4 weeks late your student will not receive credit for the classes taken during that semester and will be required to repeat them.

TKA Day School Class Fees

These are the rates if you are considering taking one or more classes in the day-school program.

TKA Day School Classes