Re-Enrolling Students

  If you are continuing to Homeschooling please be advised of the following:

Homeschool law TCA 49-6-3050 states, "A "home school" is a school conducted or directed by a parent or parents or a legal guardian or guardians for their own children". Therefore, a parent or guardian not only must be PRESENT during Homeschooling hours, but also be conducting or directing the education of their child. 

please read carefully!

STEP 1: Turn in all paperwork

Make sure all required paperwork from the previous school year has been turned in to the Homeschool Coordinator by June 30th. You will not be eligible to Re-Enroll until this step is completed.

Step 2: Print enrollment forms

Print off the enrollment forms relevant to your student’s grade level.  

These forms are now located in a cloud drive. If you need the link again, please email the Homeschool Coordinator. 

Use the Re-Enroll buttons below to access the specific instructions on how to complete registration. 

Step 3: 9th Grade meeting

ONLY 9th Grade Students need to schedule a meeting for re-enrollment. Please contact the Homeschool Coordinator to set up a date and time prior to completing enrollment paperwork.  

1st-8th & 10th-12th Grades will NOT need to schedule a registration meeting. 

Step 4: curriculum

10th - 12th Grade students are required to email a list of courses and curriculum to the Homeschool Coordinator for approval prior to registration.  This is to insure that the student is on track for meeting graduation requirements.  

Please email or call the Coordinator with any questions regarding courses or curriculum.  You are welcome to schedule an in-person meeting if you feel that would be helpful for discussing your questions.

Determine and purchase the curriculum you are going to use for each subject.

Step 5: turn in forms

Turn in all completed forms (including sports forms, if applicable) along with fees payment to the Homeschool Coordinator's mailbox by August 1st.

If you have a student going into 9th grade you will need to bring completed forms, fees payment, and a copy of the teaching parent’s high school or college diploma to your scheduled registration meeting.

Please pay close attention to the fees listed on the financial contract, and if you have any questions about your total please contact the Coordinator. 

If you are registering multiple students, you may find it helpful to refer to the Fee Schedule on the Fees page.

Registration is complete when all paperwork and payments have been turned in to the Homeschool Coordinator. This should be completed by August 1st.

If mailing forms, please mail to:

TKA Homeschool Umbrella

Attn: Eileen Thornton

202 Smothers Road

Seymour, TN 37865

If you are considering or are certain you will not be re-enrolling for the next academic year please read the Withdraw Page.

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