all teaching parents

Communication within the Umbrella will be conducted primarily through email. You must have a working email address on file, and are expected to read any emails received from the Homeschool Coordinator in a timely manner. Parents are expected to be aware of, and comply with, information stated in these emails. If you change your email address, please contact the Homeschool Coordinator to update your file. Any changes in your physical address and phone number will also need to be updated.

All curriculum is to be chosen and purchased by the Homeschooling Parent. Curriculum counseling can be given by the Homeschool Coordinator.

*Homeschool law TCA 49-6-3050 states, "A "home school" is a school conducted or directed by a parent or parents or a legal guardian or guardians for their own children". Therefore a parent or guardian not only must be PRESENT during Homeschooling hours, but also be conducting or directing the education of their child. 

Homeschool families are expected to comply with laws of the State of Tennessee concerning homeschooling. A copy of applicable statutes may be viewed at It is recommended that all homeschooling parents read the legislation carefully. TKAHU does not assume any legal responsibility for a family home school. The King’s Academy further recommends that homeschool families join the Home School Legal Defense Association.