K-8 Enrollment Packet

Please contact the Homeschool Coordinator after reading through this packet overview to receive the link to the registration forms.  Below you will find a brief explanation of each form you will use:  

Check List: You do not need to print off  this check list - it is for the coordinator to use. It is included so that you can see what you will need to bring to your registration meeting.

Registration Form: This form must be printed off and completed for the enrollment meeting. Please be sure to fill in every field. The bottom of the form does not always print off completely but there is space where you need to sign and date the document. On this form is a space for your email address. Most communication from this Umbrella will be through email and a correct email address is pertinent to be sure you don't miss important information sent out to our group. Please send the Homeschool coordinator an email the day of your meeting using the address that you would like to have on record, so that we can be sure it is entered in correctly. 

Statement of Faith:This form must be printed off and completed for the registration meeting. Please be sure at least one parent signs and dates at the bottom.

Certificate of Immunization: This is an official form and must be filled out by a certified health care provider. You can print off this form or use the form used by your doctor's office. Printed proof of immunization must be turned in at the registration meeting.     If you do not vaccinate for religious reasons, please print this form, fill in the information on the upper left, and then check the religious exemption box on the upper right corner of the form. Please sign and date it at the bottom to verify that you are choosing not to vaccinate.

Curriculum Overview:This form must be printed off and completed for the registration meeting.  If you have any questions regarding curriculum please email the Homeschool Coordinator. 

Financial Enrollment Contract: This form will be completed online and full payment for the year will be required prior to or during your registration meeting.  A $20 Transfer Fee will be applied to mid-year enrollments (after September 1st). 

Attendance/Grades: This form is for you to use during the year to keep track of the days you have conducted at least 4 hours of school. The State requires a minimum of 180 days of school each year. These days can begin July 1st and must be completed by June 30th. This form must be turned in to the Homeschool Coordinator to complete your records for the year. Not all curriculum comes with a program to determine a quarterly and semester grade, therefore it is up to you as the teacher to determine the student’s grade for each quarter. This form is only turned in at the completion of the required 180 days, no later than June 30th. A $20 late fee will be charged for each week that you are late turning in this form. If you are homeschooling several students, you must turn in a separate form for each of them. 

Parent/Teacher In-Service Form This form is for parents to use during the year for grades 6,7 and 8 to show different ways that they have improved their knowledge through the year to better teach their student(s). It may be an article, convention, website, book, Podcast, etc that helped to better equip you as a teacher. This form will be due on June 30th, along with your Attendance/Grades form to complete your file for the year.  

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